We are a family of entertainment entrepreneurs that have come together to restore values, relationships, trust and stability in the multifaceted entertainment world. The vision of this company was created using the values of the old-school mindset where relationships are created over handshakes and cocktails and lifelong bonds are formed around the dinner table. Our approach is simple and our values roll into everything we do. We welcome our clients and our partners into our family and as a family we all rise together and stay together.

TFC is the parent company to Crown & Ace, Extreme Mudfest and MusicFX. Created by music industry veteran, Billie-Jo Aasen, TFC is your one stop shop when it comes to creating and promoting the community you want, with the crew you need.

For Festivals & Events: Talent Buying, Turn-Key Festival Production, Festival Consulting, Building Entertainment Consulting, Staffing, Bar Management Services, Stage Management, Wristbands, Credentials, Signage, and Web Development.

For Brands & Communities: Partnership negotiations, Entertainment and Influencer Expertise, Strategic Partnerships and Event Marketing.

Why We Exist:

The live entertainment space is not for the faint of heart and you can’t go it alone. There are so many aspects that need to be brought into consideration, and like any business, expenses and team members and partners are some of the hardest things to manage. The Festival Company exists because we wanted to create a company that we wish existed when we started our first festival. We wanted a company that provided guidance, service, expertise and solved all of those little pain points that we didn’t even know existed until they did. And we wished there was a partner out there that was actually a partner - someone that was affordable, who we could grow with, and who really cared about our business as much as we did. We couldn’t find it, so we set out to create it - Welcome to The Festival Company.

Festivals: ‘I started in this business as a talent buyer because I saw the traditional way that business was being done and knew that there was a better way - there was a real service aspect missing that needed to be fixed. We quickly expanded in the talent buying space due to our financial model and hands on approach. From there we began to create and produce full festivals from the ground up, gaining a strong reputation in the festival space. One of our largest pain points was having to deal with multiple suppliers, trying to get the best price and quality for our budget, while juggling all of the relationships and conversations - there had to be a better way’. - Billie Jo Aasen

Just as in any business, every line item counts towards the bottom line and we knew, just like talent buying and festival production, we could offer a stronger service, at a better price than what we were getting. We are producers working with producers - we get it. After nearly six years of working in the festival space and producing over 20 festivals across North America, we decided to expand our company to offer all things festivals and solve this pain point for other producers out there. We created the Festival Company because it’s something we needed, and if we needed it, so did others. We are producers, supporting producers. We are The Festival Company; We are your partner.

Brands & Communities: After working in the entertainment industry for over a decade, we began to get approached to work with companies and individual brands to expand their footprint in the entertainment sphere. It was clear that there was a disconnect between companies and artists, and artists who wanted to get into business. In 2020 we expanded our company into the entertainment business consulting space and now run the entertainment and events division of multiple companies. We believe that a rising tide floats all boats and are dedicated to making key introductions and strategic partnerships between brands and entertainment. We are and always will be values first, dollars second. We make the connection between people who have the same mindset and value set, after that, business just becomes so much easier. We are The Festival Company; We are your partner.
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