This is the one of the top reasons we started The Festival Company. We know so many producers that love the DIY model but just don’t have the resources to have a year round team. The first few years are tough and you need a team that you can afford.

How does it work?
We set up an initial call to go through your festival, vision, history and goals. From there we do a deep dive into all aspects of the festival and provide our recommendations to get started with. To ensure we stay on track, we set up a weekly call to discuss your festival needs at hand, with a predetermined agenda to ensure that we are hitting all of the important parts - the pain points at hand and pressing deadlines. From there we work with you to help solve it.

What will it cost you?
Our team takes a per ticket fee that can be built into the face-value of the ticket or be baked into the service charge to the end consumer so it does not affect the face-value. We do take a small upfront fee to get us started which gets deducted from your per ticket invoice once you’re up and on-sale. We’ve got skin in the game with you - you make money, we make money. It’s our priority to not only help you get off the ground but to help your event scale and thrive.

Click below and schedule your free 30 min consultation to discuss your festival and how we can help. If anything, you’ll have a new friend and alliance.
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