If you’re looking for a smaller order, please visit our promotional items page and you can upload your design and we will get to work!

For full festival or tour orders, with more complexity, please keep reading! Merchandise can be a very taxing process from choosing fabrics, items, and getting everything printed and shipped. Don’t worry! We work with you hand-in-hand the entire way and help you decide the pricing model as well. We offer all traditional merchandising items and can special source additional items if needed

What will it cost you?
Costing for merch comes down to the complexity of the design and the quality of the garment. We work with you to choose the best items for your demographics and budget. Because of the complexities, we are unable to pre determine what the cost of each garment will be but we can ensure that our pricing is competitive and our service is outstanding and our set up fees are one time only! If you’re an artist and you need merch management, we can hold your inventory at our shop and ensure it gets shipped to your next gig - ask us about how it works!

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