When we started our first festivals, this was a MAJOR pain point for us and two of the most important roles at a festival. Let’s be honest, you make your money at the bar, so you need to have the proper team in place to mitigate theft from volunteers and hourly workers. And if you have live music, you need to make sure that everything is seamless backstage from dressing rooms, to meet and greets, sound-check and show time - this is where we come in!

How does it work?
Bar Management - We work with your providers to submit liquor orders and needs for the bar, we also work with your volunteer/staffing group to create a weekend schedule and best practices. We have a full inventory control system. This service can be scaled from having two onsite managers and upwards. Should you have a high-volume point, we can also supply high-end bartenders that can move products quickly and safely. We will look at your entire bar program, help you fine-tune it to ensure maximum revenue and manage your onsite team.

Stage Management - We handle your entire non-production advance and then fly in and run back of house. We work with your production team to create sound checks, show times and meet and greet schedules and then execute on-site. We’ve got your hospitality covered so you can focus on your production and your fans. We will even do your dressing room shop and set up.

What will it cost you?
Bar Management - This comes down to how large or small of a team you need and the size of your show but to give you reference we typically take a percentage per drink token sold. Flight, hotel and per diem ($75) are over and above (yes, we double up or will stay on site)

Stage Management - For the full show advance and back of house management, our fee is $1,000.00 per stage, per day, or $2500.00 for the full weekend, should you go to three days. Flight, hotel and per diem ($75) are over and above.

If you choose us as your talent buyer, the above fee is waived and included in our service but expenses are over and above.
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