Like most venues and events, you’re most likely operating with a smaller year round team who have a lot of responsibility in your venue. In most cases people have more than one role within the venue because it just doesn’t financially make sense to have more year round people. This is where we come in. We become an extension of your entertainment and marketing team. We become your in-house talent buyer and entertainment negotiator, while consulting the entire way through your marketing and on-sale, all the way to show day. We also have additional in-house services such as digital marketing, and recommendations of wonderful marketing partners if needed, to assist you where you may fall short. Anything we can do to help you, we will.

How does it work?
In our initial call we define goals, level of risk, show history, upcoming shows and potential competitors. From there, we create a plan to find routing partners and re-introduce you to the agencies to ensure you are top of mind in the market for your capacity. We set up a bi-weekly call to discuss top of mind opportunities and discussions. These calls keep the team in the loop as to what we are looking at and new goals or developments for the venue. We are here to help in any way we can and to fill your room!

What will it cost you?
We do not buy-sell and we do not do a percentage mark-up (so let’s get that out of the way). Our team takes a per ticket fee that can be built into the face-value of the ticket or be baked into the service charge to the end consumer so it does not affect the face-value. We will negotiate all venue deals with outside promoters and act as your in-house buyer working directly with the agencies. We’ve got skin in the game with you - you make money, we make money. It’s our priority to not only help you have more strong content, but to help your venue scale and thrive.

Click below to schedule your free 30 min consultation to discuss your venue and how we can help. If anything, you’ll have a new friend and alliance.
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